A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I often forget to mention the experience I gained in building construction; in particular residential construction.  My first full time job as a residential estimator taught me a great deal since I worked in direct communication with the field and the building crews.  The people in the field actually doing the work became my greatest asset making me a better estimator and drafter.  Run it by the “field” was one of the most important things I was taught.  They know.

One thing I often think about is today’s readily available 3D views and quickly generated sections.  Both now so easily enhanced with rendering of different flavors.  This of course saves a lot of time and can enhance design checking and material count if utilized (detail, detail, detail).  And very importantly giving the field a good picture of what they are asked to build for the client.  “A picture is worth a “thousand words.”

The above images are recent residential examples I produced in order to help the client “see” their idea.  And very importantly supply detail for the builder and the field.